HABI means Weaving in the Tagalog dialect of the Philippines. HABI stands for Hilot Academy of Binabaylan and we weave optimum health and wellness through the study and practice of Hilot.

HABI is an educational ministry member of Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc. that aims to promote Hilot not only as the Traditional Medicine of the Philippines but also as a Socio- Cultural Spiritual Healing Arts and Science of the Filipino People.

As an Organization it is our goal to preserve the Physio-Psycho Emotional and Socio-Spiritual and Cultural aspect of Hilot that is known as the Traditional Healing Arts and Sciences of the Philippines. Hilot is about Healing, thus our Mission in the Academy is to Heal. As Binabaylan we heal individual or groups by Harmonizing, Enhancing and Activating Life Force within them. We help individual or group by providing them: Hope Education Livelihood Prosperity


  1.  HABI works on reviving the folkloric aspect of Hilot by bridging the gap of mysticsm into a more acceptable Scientific approach in Primary Healthcare.
  2. HABI promotes Hilot as the Traditional Medicine of the Philippines that is not only a Wellness Massage or one service that can be offered in a SPA Menu but a complete healthcare delivery system that consist of Preventive, Promotive, Curative, and Rehabilitative aspect on Healthcare.


  1. In HABI we envisioned a world that is Habitable, Interactive that has Lasting, Livable and Operational Tenure. As Hilot we manifest this vision by providing Hope, Inspiration, Love, Optimism and Trust to all our students and clients alike.
  2. We in HABI envisioned to become the leading institution to preserve the traditional and cultural healing arts of the Philippines thus having Filipino Pride and Identity.